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Bed Head Flat Iron: the Perfect Iron for Really Short Hair

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If you’re looking for a quality budget friendly option, a bed head flat iron makes a good choice. There are plenty of different types of straighteners that this brand makes, although one of my favorites has to be the 1/2 inch plate device.

Most straighteners come in 1″ or 1 1/2″ sizes. These sizes cover a lot of lengths and types. However, for very short hair or bangs, it’s too wide. Thinner plate sizes allow for styling at any length.

If you haven’t looked at one of these devices, here are some of the benefits, as well as purchasing options.


The main benefit to this device is that it can get closer to you scalp. Typically, with really short cuts, your hair is around three to four inches in length, if not shorter. This means you get in one good clamp with the straightener and that’s pretty much it.

Just clamping the hair between the plates isn’t going to style your hair. Part of what makes these devices effective is the technique with which you pull it down your hair.

This device eliminates that issue by cutting the typical plate size down by half. This means you can get in close to your scalp and slide it across your hair, even if you have a pixie cut or short bangs

I also see this working as a way to curl your bangs, at least gently. Your bangs would probably have to be longer, but as long as you can wrap them around the plates, it should work. As someone who has fought with a tapered wand in order to curl bangs, I like this as a potential alternative.

Another benefit of this device is that you can use it to add volume. Simply pull the device in a gently curved arc starting from your roots, to give the hair a little lift. You can try this with hair at any length if you don’t like the crimped look that a traditional volumizer makes.

Bed Head Pixie on Point Flat Iron

Bed Head Pixie 1/2" Straightener button-check-price



  • 1/2″ plates
  • Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Max Temperature 430 degrees Fahrenheit


I like this option as a solid choice for anyone who wants this type of device.

One good feature is that it has a good temperature range. 430 is about the max that anyone should really be using, regardless of hair type, so it should work even if you have thicker, coarser hair. It also has a temperature selection dial, which means that you can set the temperature lower for more delicate hair types. (Although, those dials are easy to move when styling, so make sure you’re checking the temperature every so often in case you’ve accidentally adjusted it.)

Another reason I like this particular device is because it has so many good reviews. A lot of the reviews confirm that you can get the device close to the scalp, which is the whole point in buying one. This ability is what makes it effective for super short hair cuts and bangs.

To that end, I also like that the heating elements sit well inside the plastic part of the plates. One some other devices with small plates, the heating elements come right up to the edge. While that does allow you to get closer to the scalp, it also makes it easier to burn yourself. This device gives you a little extra safety by keeping the plates further back.

In terms of plate materials, the device says it has tourmaline ceramic technology, which can help keep your hair healthy. It’s not the most effective material for coarser hair types, however it’s still good.

Final Thoughts

If you want a super short, pixie-style cut but have curly or wavy hair, it can be difficult to style it naturally. This type of device can help make up for that. You can use it to straighten or curl super short hair, as needed.

Of course, this device doesn’t have to be for pixie cuts only. If you have bangs, it’s great for curling and straightening those as well. You can also use it on longer hair lengths to great tight, spiral curls. Although, it would probably be more efficient to use a thin barrel curling iron.

Overall, these devices are great, and make straightening and curling available for more hair lengths.

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