Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Review

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The BaByliss pro nano titanium flat iron has quite a few qualities to recommend it, not least of which is the brand itself. The pro in the name isn’t just a pointless addition to the title; this brand really is known for its professional quality. If you’re someone who is serious about straightening your hair, this flat iron is worth considering.

Purchasing Options

There are a few places you can purchase this device, so you don’t have to worry about hunting around. Here is one option available online:

BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, 1 Inch

Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a list of the basic features, along with a more detailed breakdown of what those features mean, and whether or not this device is good for your hair type.


  • 1” titanium plates
  • Ceramic Heaters
  • 450 degree Fahrenheit max temperature
  • 50 temperature settings
  • Temperature dial

Titanium Plates

This particular metal has it strong suits, particularly for coarse hair. It’s main benefit over other materials is the heat transfer rate. It’s capable of transferring heat from the plates to your hair more effectively than materials like ceramic. It’s also emits negative ions, and is more durable. You won’t have to worry about chipping, or having your hair snag on the plate material, and the negative ions should give your hair a nice, smooth finish.

The downside to metal plates is that they don’t heat evenly. You can get spots that retain all the heat, and spots that retain none of it. In a quality device, you may notice this less, however, in a low-quality device, it can be pretty obvious. You end up with sections that refuse to straighten, and other parts that are drying out.

Ceramic Heaters

Luckily, the device has ceramic heaters to help make up for the shortcomings of the metal plates. Although ceramic has less effective heat transfer, it’s great at heating evenly. This should help keep the temperature of the plate more constant, while still giving you effective heat transfer with the titanium


One additional quality that I appreciate in this device is the fact that it’s lightweight. Some flat irons run pretty hefty, so it’s nice to have an alternative. This is especially true for people with thick hair, since it can take a while to fully straighten your hair. Having a lightweight device like this makes it easier to take your time and not wear out your arms.

Plate Size

This device has thinner plates, at 1”. This isn’t a lot of surface area, so keep that in mind. You’ll need to make sure you’re using small enough sections when straightening.

One good thing about that width though, is that it’s great for curling. 1” is a fairly average size for curling wands and irons. This device should be able to give you similar curls, so if you want something as more of a two in one styler, I would recommend this device.

Hair Type

I would recommend this device for anyone with coarse hair, especially if it’s curly. Even really stubborn hair should be tamed by the metal plates, since they can maintain high heat and have effective heat transfer.

Of course, if you have fine hair, you can still use this device. Just make sure that you are monitoring the temperature closely. Using too high of a heat on this device is a quick way to cause heat damage. And it still might be better to get something that’s milder, like a ceramic device.

I would also consider getting something different if you have longer or thicker hair. With the thin plates, you don’t have a lot of heated surface area, so it may take you a while to do your hair. This brand has devices with wider plates, so if you like it, I would recommend looking at those instead.


Overall, I don’t have a problem recommending this device. Based on the features listed, it should make for an effective straightener and curler. The metal plates are good for any stubborn hair types, while the ceramic heaters should keep the temperature steady. And while the 1” plates are not really wide enough for thick or long hair, they are a good size for curling.

I think the major concern with this device is the price point. For someone who is just beginning to experiment with heated styling, or for someone who is a more casual user, I think it would be better to get a cheaper device first. This allows you to learn what features you prefer in a device with less of a commitment. If metal plates aren’t right for you, you don’t want to spend a lot of money just to find that out. And if you do happen to like the plates, you can always wait to purchase a more expensive one when you’re ready.

Final Thoughts

A nice, quality device is always good to have on hand. If you’re looking for a straightener that can handle your stubborn hair and leave you with a smooth result, then I think the BaByliss pro nano titanium flat iron is a good device to start your search with.

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